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Rock Cellar Magazine
August 7, 2020
These YouTube Twins Listened to Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’ for the First Time and Their Minds Were Blown

Meet Tim and Fred Williams, a pair of twins with a YouTube account that has become something of a phenomenon for the duo’s “First Time Hearing” series — in which...

Rock Cellar Magazine
April 1, 2020
Watching Folks Play The ‘In the Air Tonight’ Drum Solo By Slamming Kitchen Cabinets is a Supremely Satisfying Experience

What can you do inside? Millions of people the world over are faced with that question right now as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. You could stream movies and...

Rock Cellar Magazine
August 30, 2016
Phil Collins Preps 'Not Dead Yet' Memoir, Performs 'In the Air Tonight' at the US Open

On Monday night, Phil Collins showed up at the US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York to perform his classic hit, In the Air Tonight. It was...