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Rock Cellar Magazine
November 10, 2021
Take a Four-Minute Smile Break for Band of Horses’ “Crutch” Video, Filmed at a Cat Café in Santa Barbara

Band of Cats — er, Band of Horses, the long-running indie/rock band led by Ben Bridwell — premiered a new music video on Wednesday, and “Crutch” is a positively purrfect...

Rock Cellar Magazine
October 29, 2019
Musicians And Cats for National Cat Day! (Photos)

Today, Oct. 29, is officially National Cat Day. Hey, don’t ask us, we don’t make the rules. National Cat Day has its own website, even, which lays it out like...

Rock Cellar Magazine
June 19, 2012
Top 11 Songs About Dogs and Cats

Dogs & cats make their way into the average Internet user’s mind every 0.4 seconds. Okay, we made that statistic up, but it DOES seem realistic, doesn’t it? It’s hard...