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Rock Cellar Magazine
June 28, 2021
Australian Metal Band Lord Turned Savage Garden’s ’90s Hit “To the Moon and Back” Into a Soaring Power Ballad

In the mid to late 1990s, it was nearly impossible to avoid the earworm pop songs from Savage Garden, the Australian duo that scored major international hits including “I Want...

Rock Cellar Magazine
July 10, 2020
Australian Britpop-Inspired Trio DMA’s Expands its Sound with New Album ‘The Glow’ – a Nuanced and Impressive Effort (Listen)

DMA’s is a three-piece band from Sydney, Australia with its musical roots planted in the 1990s’ Britpop sound. The band has shared the stage with the likes of Liam Gallagher,...

Rock Cellar Magazine
February 13, 2020
Brian May and Queen Playing in the Pouring Rain is a Perfect Example of ‘The Show Must Go On’

Brian May has had an eventful week. The iconic Queen guitarist made headlines earlier this week after a tense run-in with an overzealous photographer in Australia as May, Adam Lambert...