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Rock Cellar Magazine
May 5, 2020
Hear ‘Polar Bear,’ a Blisteringly Epic New Anthem from Alcatrazz — First New Album Since 1986 Coming on 7/31

It’s been a LONG time since the world heard from Alcatrazz in the form of a new album — and on July 31, the heavy metal band will release Born...

Rock Cellar Magazine
July 8, 2015
Behind the Curtain: Steve Vai

I have interviewed Steve Vai probably 10 times over the course of the past 30 years or so. Each and every time he has been nothing less than engaged, bright,...

Rock Cellar Magazine
May 16, 2015
Behind the Curtain: Fistfights (and Apologies) with Yngwie Malmsteen

Though throwing my drink viciously in the face of Yngwie Malmsteen only required but a split second, I could see it all happening in slow motion. The gin and tonic...