Brooks Paschal of Surprises Releases Self-Directed Video for ‘Natural Disaster’

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In an impressive DIY music video, Brooks Paschal of newcomer pop-punk band Surprises shows us if you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself in his new music video for his latest single, “Natural Disaster.”

The clip, directed by Paschal and released this week, features visuals displayed across four different television screens stitched together to reveal a full band performance. Using some old TVs and a $3 photo editing app, Paschal produced the music video with editing help from his friend, Wes Marvin.

Paschal, smiling while singing, transforms the mood of the single from angry to a liberating, honest anthem of a damaged past relationship. Watch the video, which was premiered by Substream Magazine, below.

In an interview with Substream, Paschal revealed that shooting the music video himself wasn’t the original plan, “I had a week open in my schedule and the gears started turning. I took a stab at making a video for another song called “Tell The World” and that kinda got me going. Two days later I shot a video for another song and by the time I got to “Natural Disaster” I was ready to try some crazy shit.”

The single comes from Surprises’ debut album, Natural Disaster, out May 31 via Spartan Records. Paschal sites the title track for giving the album a sense of direction, revealing a vulnerable narrative for the forthcoming album. Pre-orders for Natural Disaster are available on the Spartan Records website.

Natural Disaster Track list:

  1. “Tell The World”
  2. “Natural Disaster”
  3. “El Salvador”
  4. “Overloaded”
  5. “The Mistress and Her Heart”
  6. “I Hate Myself”
  7. “I Can’t See You Em”
  8. “Dixie”
  9. “I’ll Drive”
  10. “What’s Wrong With This World”
  11. “A Peace Anthem”

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