Sum 41 Premiere Video for 'War', an Intensely Personal New Single Off '13 Voices'

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On October 7, Sum 41 will return with a new album called 13 Voices, and the journey front man Deryck Whibley has gone through to get to this point is quite astounding.
Having dealt with some serious drinking issues over the past few years, Whibley has been to the edge and back, and the band’s new single War was written all about that.
Here’s the music video, released late Wednesday night:

War has a decidedly different sound than Fake My Own Death, the previous song released from 13 Voices, but it makes sense when you consider the context.
Whibley posted this message to the band’s Facebook page talking about the song and it importance:
so we have officially picked the first single now. this song is called “war”. i picked this song because of it’s importance to me. i feel this song literally saved my life. i was at my absolute lowest point of what seemed like a never ending recovery. i was at a tipping point where i could have easily just given up and went back to my old ways of alcohol abuse which would’ve ended up killing me, which at the time felt like a better option. when all of a sudden, in mid thought, these lyrics sort of appeared in my head and i grabbed a pencil and paper instead of a bottle and started writing. when i read it back to myself i realized i had written words that i would need to live up to if i wanted to survive. whenever i had any thoughts of giving up i would read these lyrics myself to remind me that i need to keep fighting harder and what it was exactly i was fighting for. – deryck 
Sum 41 will head out on a big tour this fall supporting 13 Voices, check the dates below and stay tuned for more.
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