Sum 41’s New Video for ‘Never There’ is Dedicated to Single Parents

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So far, Sum 41 has previewed its upcoming album Order In Decline with a pair of aggressive metal/punk anthems in line with what put the Canadian band on the map back in 2000 — but the group’s latest single veers in a distinctly different direction.

“Never There,” for which a music video was premiered on Tuesday, is an emotional song featuring some intensely personal lyrics from front man Deryck Whibley regarding his upbringing.

“I never wanted to write this song, it just kind of poured out of me”, said Whibley. “I tried to fight it at first but there was no stopping it. I could tell I was writing about my dad, who I’ve never met and throughout my life it has always been a subject that I don’t really think about or care about. It has never really bothered me and when I started thinking about why it never bothered me, I realized it was because my mum was so great and I have such a loving relationship with her. She was so strong as a single mother for my whole life that I never needed to think about my dad.” 

This song’s just a bit different in tone and style than the pair of singles released already, showcasing the band’s ability to change it up occasionally (something Sum 41 has done throughout its previous albums).

“Never There” joins “A Death in the Family” …

And “Out For Blood” …

… aAs previews for Order In Decline, which will be released on July 19.

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