Premiere: Buzzworthy, Reddit-Backed Indie/Pop Band Sub-Radio Shares ’90s-Styled ‘Out of My Mind’ Video

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Sub-Radio is a Washington, D.C.-based indie/pop ensemble with some serious online buzz thanks to a series of live stream performances started in October on RPAN, Reddit’s open access live-streaming platform Reddit Public Access Network, which quickly caught the attention of Reddit users and racked up millions of views and a dedicated fan base.

Today, Sub-Radio shared a new music video for “Out of My Mind,” and Rock Cellar is premiering the clip below. A retro-styled clip with a heavy reliance on 1990s’ aesthetics, it set the tone for the song, a breezy bit of synth-pop that’s sure to earn the group new fans:

“We’ve all been in the 90s mindset, listening to Oasis and watching old Nirvana videos,” said Sub-Radio of the decision to stylize the music video like that. “We knew this song needed that old MTV treatment and that’s what we tried to accomplish with the music video. Pretty moody for us but sometimes you just have moods!”

The group’s live stream success earned a feature from Billboard, which notes that Sub-Radio really didn’t have a “marketing scheme” in mind when launching the videos … they just came about due to pandemic-mandated boredom and a desire to play for an audience, albeit a digital one.

2020’s Thoughts Lights Colors Sounds EP put Sub-Radio on the map, which eventually resulted in the Reddit “virtual tour,” which reached over 4 million unique viewers in just 5 months.

“What You Want to Hear” is another energetic song shared by the group in 2021, and its video — a send-up of the Instagram Live format, pretty much — is an inspired bit of creativity:

Stay tuned for more from Sub-Radio, as the group’s profile continues to grow.

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