Guitarist Steve Stevens Teams Up with The String Revolution for “Crazy Train,” In Tribute to Randy Rhoads

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The String Revolution, a quartet of virtuoso guitar players with a knack for putting together impeccable sounds from their instruments, tapped fellow six-string aficionado Steve Stevens for a new musical tribute to late guitarist Randy Rhoads, who was recently given a long overdue induction by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The result is a flamenco-styled rendition of “Crazy Train,” which of course was made popular as an Ozzy Osbourne solo anthem with Rhoads providing lead guitar. Here’s the animated video for this engaging musical salute:

The String Revolution features Janet Robin, Markus Illko, Daniel Schwarz and Art Zavala Jr.

“In arranging ‘Crazy Train’ with The String Revolution, we really tried to keep the energy and vibe of the original but we wanted to put our own stamp on it,” said Robin of this collaboration with Stevens. “as my guitar teacher Randy Rhoads used to say to me- ‘don’t try to play like me, play like yourself.’ I really took that to heart and I feel TSR was on board with that same kind of thinking-Be true to the original but put a new, original spin on it, and that’s what I think we did.”

Stevens, of course, is best known for his work with Billy Idol, with whom he’s written Rebel Yell,” “Eyes Without A Face” and “Flesh for Fantasy,” in addition to Idol’s gritty new EP, The Roadside. He’s also known for other collaborations over the years with Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Joni Mitchell and many more.

Stevens and Billy Idol will head out on the road this summer alongside Journey.

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