Out Now: The Stray Cats ‘Rocked This Town: From LA To London,’ Capturing Their 40th Anniversary Tour (Listen/Buy)

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In 2019, Brian Setzer, Lee Rocker and Slim Jim Phantom of the famed rockabilly trio The Stray Cats embarked on a 40th anniversary tour commemorating their four decades as a musical group — and today, a new live album titled Rocked This Town: From LA To London was released to capture the magic of that run of shows.

(Click here to pick up a copy of Rocked This Town: From LA to London from our Rock Cellar Store). 

The live album was previewed in recent weeks with a blistering live cut of the band’s classic track, “Rock This Town”:

The live record features run-throughs of many of the Stray Cats’ iconic hits, as well as selections from the band’s 2019 album 40 — the group’s first new album in 26 years up to that point. Click here to purchase a copy of 40

Here’s the track listing for the live record:

1. Cat Fight (Over A Dog Like Me)
2. Runaway Boys
3. Too Hip, Gotta Go
4. Double Talkin’ Baby
5. Three Time’s A Charm
6. Stray Cat Strut
7. Mean Pickin’ Mama
8. Gene & Eddie
9. Cry Baby
10. I Won’t Stand In Your Way
11. Cannonball Rag
12. Misirlou
13. When Nothing’s Going Right
14. (She’s) Sexy + 17
15. Bring It Back Again
16. My One Desire **
17. Blast Off
18. Lust ’N’ Love
19. Fishnet Stockings
20. Rock This Town
21. Rock It Off

Stream the new live album below, via Spotify:

For more on the Stray Cats, click here to read our interview with Lee Rocker. Here’s a snippet regarding Rocker’s take on the band’s legacy:

Rock Cellar: If you had to boil down the band’s legacy to one song, what song would you choose and why?

Lee Rocker: It would have to be “Stray Cat Strut.” It’s original, it’s different, it’s a great song, the melody is great and all of the instruments speak plus it’s got a bass solo. (laughs)

All three of us have such prominence in it. That’s the other thing about the band, being a stripped down trio, there’s so much room for each of us to put a stamp down. I have been thinking a lot about The Stray Cats because it’s been a long time and we’re doing it now and I’m at a point in my life where I can have a little bit of a perspective on things.

I’m a forward-looking person, I’m always looking at the next thing and this is the next thing again and it’s super cool.

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