Punk/Rock Band Story of the Year Playing First Three Albums in Full in New ‘Ghost Signal’ Live Stream Series

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Story of the Year, the St. Louis-based rock/punk/emo band that burst onto the scene in 2003 with its debut album, Page Avenue (and its smash-hit single, “Until the Day I Die”) established the band as a major player in the Warped Tour scene of the era, announced a special live stream series.

Titled Ghost Signal, the three-show set will find the group — Dan Marsala, Ryan Phillips, Josh Wills and Adam Russell — performing a trio of albums in their entirety:

2005’s In the Wake of Determination (Oct. 16)
2008’s The Black Swan (Oct. 29)
2003’s Page Avenue (Nov. 6)

Ticket and merchandise bundles for the streaming series are available by clicking here.

Said Phillips, who’s referred to in a news release as the band’s “visual content specialist” in addition to playing lead guitar:

“We are going above and beyond to make our livestream an incredible experience for our fans. We didn’t want to stand on a stage in a sad empty venue and point a couple static go-pros at us. Instead, we spared no expense in building an elaborate ‘bunker’ full of state of the art lights and production, including a 40-foot video wall. It’s over the top awesome, and honestly cooler than anything we’ve done live! Additionally, we’ve hired an uber creative team of professional camera operators & directors to capture the action in a compelling way. We’re aiming to set the benchmark of what a livestream can be and we’re going to have all of the fun you’ve come to expect at a Story of the Year show! Don’t miss this shit!”

Added Marsala:

“Live music is a huge part of all of our lives, whether it is playing shows or going to shows, we all have a huge void in our lives right now. This is our way to try and stay connected and give a unique experience to the fans who share the same love for our music as we do. We’re playing our first three albums in their entirety. Many of these songs have never been played live before and maybe never will again! Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime crazy event!”

Around the time of the release of Wolves, Story of the Year’s 2017 album (and first in seven years), Phillips and Marsala spoke with Rock Cellar about their career, touring with Linkin Park in 2004 (a look back on their experiences with the late Chester Bennington) and more.

A snippet, regarding the band’s experiences with the record industry after the success of their first album (and subsequent expectations):

Phillips: “It’s the oldest cliché, but you have your whole life to write your first album and then you have two months to write your second one. Especially in that specific time in the industry, digital had come along, labels were downsizing, people were losing their jobs, panicking, and so on. There was a lot of pressure on everybody, the labels, too.

“Obviously with the second record we didn’t have that smash hit, like “Until the Day I Die.” They put a whole lot of money into us and we didn’t have that big hit, that big seller. That makes everybody kinda do the blame game, but when it’s all said and done, we did what we thought was best and we turned in the record that we thought we needed to make. Honestly? I might not be talking to you right now if we had just made Page Avenue Part Two, you know? Maybe we’d have just made a super dorky record and stopped being a band, I don’t know.”

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