Northern California Pop-Punk Band Stickup Kid Readying ‘Soul Drive,’ First New LP in Six Years

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In 2013, California pop-punk band Stickup Kid released their last full length album, Future Fire. Nearly six years later, the band has officially announced their comeback with their forthcoming full-length album, Soul Drive, out May 3 via Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong’s Adeline Records.

In preparation of the album’s release, Stickup Kid premiered the LP’s title track recently.

Striving to be more than just another generic pop-punk band, “Soul Drive” gives a hint of what to expect from the album while also showcasing the bands growth since their last full length.  The title track follows the 2018 singles “You Were All Mine” and “Draining,” both of which will be featured on the album.

Between taking time to figure life out, the band released Debris, a three-song EP, in 2016.

Opening up about the new album in a news release, vocalist Tony Geravesh says, “Soul Drive is that ‘bridge’ record for our band. After some success as teenagers, moving into adulthood and finishing college wasn’t a cake walk by any means. At some point, doing more than one thing in life is just impossible. We all had to place music aside to hash life out — we were all going through individual growing pains, and as friends and band mates, we struggled to see eye to eye.”

Formed in 2009 by friends Geravesh (vocals), Bo McDowell (guitar,vocals), Curtis Wallace (guitar,vocals) Jonathan McMaster (bass) and Cameron MacBain (drums, percussion) Stickup Kid’s dedication to their craft is what brought them back to making music together.

Despite being out of the touring scene for so long the band remains passionate about their music and are optimistic about their comeback. Via the news release:

“Soul Drive is the furthest thing from perfect. The furthest. But it is that chest of potential unlocked, it is that “take your own reins” adult realization, it is that bridge between who we were and who we know we will be if we continue to humble ourselves and push push push push to be the fucking best.”

Stickup Kid also announced a run of West Coast tour dates surrounding the new record:

May 24 Fresno, CA- Tioga Sequoia

May 25 San Jose, CA- The Art Boutiki

May 26 Portland, OR- The Waypost

May 27 Seattle, WA- Funhouse

May 28 Boise, ID- The Shredder

May 29 Salt Lake City, UT- Wild Pepper Pizza

May 31 Phoenix, AZ- Rebel Lounge

June 2- Anaheim, CA- Chain Reaction

June 3 Bakersfield, CA- Jerry’s Pizza

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