Stevie Wonder Announces He’s Undergoing a Kidney Transplant in September

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This past weekend, Stevie Wonder led the masses at British Summer Time Hyde Park in London through another joyous, triumphant concert — and he also took time out to drop some big personal news, news that will force him to postpone live performances for the time being.

The 69-year-old music legend is set to undergo a kidney transplant in September, he announced from the stage, but reassured obviously concerned fans in the crowd that everything will be fine:

“What’s going to happen is this. I’m going to have surgery, I’m going to have a kidney transplant, in September of this year. It’s all good, it’s all good, I have a donor, it’s all good. I just want you to know. I came here to give you my love.”

This will obviously affect Wonder’s upcoming live performances, which will be paused as long as it takes for his recovery. As of now, he only has one remaining gig coming up on Tuesday, July 9 in Dublin, Ireland on his schedule.

Here’s a CBS News piece on Wonder’s announcement:

Needless to say, we extend our warmest well wishes to Stevie Wonder as he prepares for the procedure ahead and remain hopeful for a full and speedy recovery.

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