Happy 70th Birthday, Stevie Wonder — Celebrate with a 24-Hour DJ Livestream on Instagram

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Today, May 13, Stevie Wonder celebrates his 70th birthday.


And how better to commemorate the life and times and historic musical and cultural contributions from the musician than with a 24-hour livestream event on Instagram?

Currently going on right now and rolling through the rest of the morning, afternoon and evening, the “24 Hours of Stevie” celebration is an around-the-clock DJ set featuring Questlove from the Roots, D-Nice and a host of other prominent DJs, each doing a four-hour set of music specifically dedicated to and featuring Stevie Wonder.


Birthday celebration of Stevie Wonder hosted by his family! For 24 Hours straight, listen to:
@questlove Midnight-4AM EDT (9PM-1AM PDT) @gillespeterson 4AM-8AM EDT (9AM-1PM GMT+1) @djtaranyc 8AM-12PM EDT (5AM-9AM PDT)
@natashadiggs 12PM-4PM EDT (9AM-1PM PDT)
@dnice 4PM-8PM EDT (1PM-5PM PDT)
@djspinna 8PM EDT (5PM PDT) – Until… Enjoy 24 hours of #StevieWonderClassics!


It’s all happening in one place — this @SWFamily24 Instagram page, which is where you’d need to go on Instagram in order to tune in:

Elsewhere on social media, some of Stevie’s friends sent him well-wishes for his big day:

For more about Stevie, be sure to read Steve Rosen’s Behind the Curtain entry about his encounters with Stevie — after first catching a glimpse of the gifted young musician on the Ed Sullivan Show.

A snippet:

I was only 11-years old and I couldn’t understand how somebody who was blind could make music. I thought if you couldn’t see that somehow you couldn’t hear or do anything else. I felt so sorry for him. I really didn’t know any of his music but I knew he was this little kid who was blind and black— I don’t know how I knew he was black but I had heard he was on Motown Records and I just assumed everybody on that label was black—and I wanted to watch him on television.

Behind the Curtain: Smiles, Songs and Chats with Stevie Wonder

Happy birthday, Stevie!

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