Stevie Nicks Shares 1987 ‘Silent Night’ Performance as a Christmas Gift ‘Because I Think the World Might Need It’

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In 1987, Stevie Nicks performed “Silent Night” on the English music program Top of the Pops, as part of the show’s Christmas special.

This Christmas Eve, the legendary singer/songwriter shared a video of the performance on her social media channels. Apparently, this particular performance is especially important for Nicks — so much so that she refers to it as “one of my favorite things I have ever done (ever)” in her message:

I am bringing out one of my favorite things I have ever done (ever) because I think the world might need it.  It is my “Silent Night” from 1987.  I wrote the bridge in the middle of the song ~ and I really thought it made it more compassionate than it already was. (1/2)

Please enjoy it and think of me as I will be thinking of you on this unusual Christmas.   It’s really just a love song. Sing with me~   I will hear you…   Love,  Your Stevie    Stevie Nicks (2/2)

Watching the full performance, it’s pretty easy to see why she holds it in such high regard. Here’s the full clip:

Through this year of tumult and significant frustrations, Nicks has remained vigilant in her quest to be a beacon of light and hope amid the darkness. Musically-speaking, she’s also kept quite busy, given the circumstances.

Nicks appeared with Miley Cyrus in a remix of Cyrus’s “Edge of Seventeen + Midnight Sky” remix, a revamped take on Cyrus’s single sampling Nicks’ classic:

In October, a Stevie Nicks concert film from 2017-2018 (documenting her 24 Karat Gold Tour) was released in theaters and On Demand, with a 2-CD set of the show coming in mid-January.

The release of the live album and film came at a particularly busy time for Nicks, who has been personally involved in the runaway viral sensation TikTok video from Nathan Apodaca featuring Fleetwood Mac‘s “Dreams,” skateboarding and cranberry juice, even recreating it herself:

She also shared a new song of her own, a song featuring Dave Grohl and the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart:

So with our eyes looking ahead to 2021, let’s hope for more of a return to “normalcy” — and, hopefully, more musical activity from Stevie Nicks!

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