Steven Tyler is Keeping Safe at Home, Playing a Didgeridoo Concert for His (Clearly Impressed) Dogs

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Have you ever played a didgeridoo, the wind instrument that originated in northern Australia by Aboriginal peoples? It’s a pretty awesome musical device, both in size — it’s a significant piece of equipment — and sound, a low, buzzy hum of noise. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith has one, apparently, and he’s not afraid to use it.

In a post on Instagram on Thursday, the iconic singer revealed a bit about how he’s keeping busy during the coronavirus pandemic, and the answer is a one-man didgeridoo concert in front of an audience of his dogs. Credit to the dogs, they sure don’t seem to mind this loudness going on mere feet from them while they lounge on the couch.

Also, credit to Tyler for the pun about how “I have been called a blowhard plenty …,” as well the hashtags #DontWalkThisWay and #StayHome.

If only everybody had a didgeridoo at his or her disposal, that’d truly be a great time for everyone.

As for the #DontWalkThisWay tag seen in the post above, it’s really the best advice right now. Don’t go do things you normally would, so we can all #FlattenTheCurve and move toward a return to “normal.” Two weeks ago, the Steven Tyler social media channels urged that advice to great effect:

So yeah. Stay home, #DontWalkThisWay, and get yourself a didgeridoo if you can.

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