Steve Perry Revisiting 2018 Album with ‘Traces (Alternate Versions & Sketches)’ 12/4 (Preview)

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In the fall of 2018, legendary singer/songwriter Steve Perry released Traces, his first solo album in 25 years. The album was met with strong reception from the masses, especially fans of the longtime Journey vocalist, who sounded reinvigorated and recharged with a strong batch of new material.

On Dec. 4, Perry will revisit select songs from the album with Traces (Alternate Versions & Sketches), a project aimed at stripping away the grand production touches, taking the songs down to their essence.

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Said Steve Perry of the project:

“It’s eight songs from the Traces record done acoustically and I’m really proud of it,” he explained. “It’s called Traces Alternate Versions and Sketches. I cut the vinyl in Abbey Road. I’m really pleased with the sonics, and I’m really pleased with the simplicity of the song and the lyric and the chords, which is basically what it’s stripped down to.

“When writing these songs, the original inspiration is always my first compass – where the songs should go. Alternate Versions & Sketches is exactly that, and I’m very excited to have you hear the original seeds of these songs.”

As a preview, here’s a new version of “Most of All”:

And here’s a previously unreleased performance video of the song:

The track listing for Traces (Alternate Versions & Sketches):

1. Most Of All (Radio Mix)
2. No Erasin’ (Acoustic)
3. I Need You (Acoustic)
4. No More Cryin’ (Acoustic)
5. Most Of All (Stripped)
6. We’re Still Here (Acoustic)
7. You Belong To Me (Stripped)
8. Sun Shines Gray (Acoustic)

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