For Steve Martin’s 75th Birthday, Watch the Beloved Comedy Legend and Friend of Bugs Bunny Play Soothing Banjo Jams

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Today, Steve Martin turns 75. An all-around entertainment legend, he’s known for his comedy and irreverent wit — calling cards of his comedic style for decades.

But even beyond that, the man’s knack for entertainment knows no bounds.

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He’s been a banjo musician and bluegrass enthusiast since he was young, winning five Grammy Awards in recent years for various albums and musical projects (including his 2014 single “Love Has Come For You” with Edie Brickell, winner of the Best American Roots Song).

Martin’s Twitter page, especially, is an endless source of charm, wit and entertainment. In recent months, he’s taken to sharing short banjo performances, and given the ongoing frustrations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and everything else happening in the world, they’ve been a welcomed bit of warmth and energy.

Just soak it in.

“Banjo balm,” indeed.


There’s just so many of these awesome little videos.

And here’s a recent remote collaborative performance from Martin and the Philadelphia Orchestra:

Happy 75th birthday, Steve Martin. Keep being you, and we’ll keep enjoying every bit of it.

Keep tabs on Steve Martin via his Twitter page to see what other forms of creative entertainment he brings us in the coming days and weeks.

And because it’s always time for a good history lesson, enjoy his classic SNL “King Tut” bit below, as featured in our Top 11 Songs About Royalty list.

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