Watch Steve Lukather Triumph Over His Neighbor’s Early-Morning Leaf Blower Cacophony with Blistering Guitar Riffs

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Every day, we fight little battles. Some are with ourselves, personal demons we must defeat in order to carry on — but some are waged with the outside world. In the case of guitar legend Steve Lukather, his was an early-morning skirmish with the leaf blower blasting at his next-door neighbor’s backyard.

Armed with his six-string guitar, Lukather fought back the only way he knows how: With loud riffs. It made for a delightfully amusing Instagram video:

Steve’s son, Trev Lukather, was so moved by his father’s epic war that he had to repost the video himself, adding:

This is toooooo legendary not to repost 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭 Pop bringing the full fuck you Rockstar mode to his neighbor rivalry. Man, this had me crying. His neighbor had leaf blowers going full force at 7am and Pop decided to bring his amp out and give his own early morning hello. Please share. I think this might be Pop’s quarantine gig haha Send me your neighbor story and let’s see if we can get Pop to come over and do this for you Hahahaha @stevelukatherofficial #stevelukather #backyard #fuck #you #hysterical #legend #brilliant #Pop

Have a solid week, Lukather family.

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