Out Now: Stream ‘Love Is,’ the New Solo Album from Prog-Rock Guitar Icon Steve Howe (and Read a New Interview)

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Legendary guitarist Steve Howe, known for his work over the years with the prog-rock band Yes, is back with a new solo album.

Love Is, released on Friday, is a mixture of one-half instrumental compositions and the other half songs featuring Howe on lead vocal duties. It’s the first new release from Steve Howe since 2011’s Time.

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Steve Howe spoke with Rock Cellar’s Ken Sharp in a new feature interview regarding Love Is and the legacy of music he’s forged over the years. A snippet from the full conversation, which you can read by clicking here:

Rock Cellar: What is the underlying message of your new album, Love Is?

Steve Howe: Well, I don’t think there can be one message, but generally with the sort of person I am and the kind of writing I’ve done over the years, I’d had a certain routine. I think it’s a little trendy to say that it’s all about this and all about that. I kind of avoid that.

The songs are about life, my life, and parts of it are about having children and having grandchildren and seeing them run off down the beach when you’re not holding their hand. Some of its about being on stage and similar to a balcony, where everybody is watching you. But also, love is the theme of the album — that’s a very broad word. Basically, it’s an alignment of nature, beauty and a respect for particular people that you have an affection for, so I think I’m exploring that. The second track, “See Me Through,” is a plea for that kind of concentrated enjoyment of another person, but it’s also about looking back when things were simpler.

When things were simpler, you don’t even think it could be so complicated. Like entropy in science, there is a collective gathering of mosses on a stone as it goes along and I guess that’s part of what life is like, too; you gather an awful lot of stuff. But it’s like when famous superstars sell all their possessions. They realize that life surely isn’t about possessions. I’m just pointing out various facets.

Rock Cellar: The theme of the album resonates strongly with what we’re all going through, love will bring us together.

Steve Howe: Yes, but it’s not an easy thing to do. (laughs) It might be the most remarkable thing but it takes work and it takes patience and takes your life to work it out.

Stream Love Is below, via Spotify:

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