Out Now: Stephen Bishop’s New Album ‘We’ll Talk About It Later In The Car’ (listen)

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Singer/songwriter Stephen Bishop didn’t pull any punches with his new album, We’ll Talk About It Later In The Car, when it was announced back in late July.

In the news announcement for the record, he was quoted as saying that the album features “songs that should have been hits 40 years ago.” Originally conceived as a demo project of songs Bishop had written toward the start of his music career, it has since morphed in scope and tone to what it is now. “There’s a little bit of country, pop, and a few tracks that are more broken-hearted love songs,” he says.

That record is out today — stream it below, via Spotify:

For those who may have forgotten or just never heard about Stephen Bishop, you’re missing out. He’s known over the years for hits including “On and On” and “Separate Lives,” a song written by Bishop and recorded by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin that earned Bishop a Grammy (and Oscar) nomination.

He also appeared in a scene in the classic comedy “Animal House”:

Some additional insight into the record, from its initial news release:

Along with Bishop’s own compositions, there’s the melancholy gem “Someone Else,” the first song ever written by legendary songwriter Jimmy Webb when he was just 12. “It’s just one of the saddest songs you’ll ever hear,” Bishop notes. “Art Garfunkel is the only other person to record it. I’ve opened my concerts with it and really wanted to include it on the album.”

A gifted storyteller, Bishop reveals that there’s a tale to the album’s title. “It comes from back when I was hanging out with Carrie Fisher,” he says. “We were at a Saturday Night Live taping and she wound up getting on a phone call. At one point, she said to the other person, ‘Anyway, we’ll talk about it later in the car.’ I thought it was something to do with me, but as it turned out, her mother, Debbie Reynolds, would say that when she was wanted to talk about something at another time: ‘We’ll talk about it in the car.’ That line always stayed with me.”

Stream it below, via Spotify:

Visit Bishop’s webiste for more details and to catch a show on his upcoming tour schedule.

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