No Halloween Costume is Complete Without a Slipknot Mask (Available Now!)

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Glancing at the calendar, you may notice that Halloween is just around the corner. Thursday, October 31 will be here before you know it — and Iowa’s masked metal marauders Slipknot are here to sell you masks just for the occasion.

The band, which just released a ferocious and relentlessly pummeling new album, We Are Not Your Kind, added a special new collection to its online store on Monday: Masks. That’s right, you, too, can purchase a replica mask of your favorite Slipknot member, ranging from around $30 to $60, depending on the complexity of each band member’s mask.

For Slipknot, the masks have always been a calling card for the band, ever since emerging from the wilderness in 1999 with their intense self-titled debut and setting in action the next two decades of dominance.

For example, these two are the higher-end masks available, as they have removable parts:

So have at it. Even if you don’t have a raucous and/or sinister heavy metal-themed Halloween party to host or attend come October 31, you could at least answer the door in one of these creepy masks to give kids candy. Preferably with this song playing on your speakers:

Sounds like a spooky good plan.

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