L.A. Band Slant Covered U2’s ‘With Or Without You’ and the Music Video is a Powerful Statement About Mental Health

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May was Mental Health Awareness Month, a time for us all to come together and focus some attention on the dialogue surrounding mental health issues. Slant, a Los Angeles-based rock band with a new EP coming out later this month, premiered a video for its cover of the U2 classic “With Or Without You” to further the conversation.

Watch the clip, which focuses on the struggles of a young woman and features the band’s vocalist/guitarist, Fahim Zaman in a co-starring role, below.

Explained Zaman about the video’s themes:

“I wanted the video to depict how straining and complicated things can get when pursuing a life in creative arts, in terms of mental health. We all know someone that has dealt with substance abuse or behavioral/mental health related instances. On a personal and national level, we have seen those in the arts or creative fields fall into the cycle of substance abuse or other addictions while pursuing their productive paths. Our hope is to bring mental health to the forefront of conversations so that those affected know there are great outlets for help.”

The band obtained the help of Rock To Recovery, to complete the video and make the message as concise as possible — and it does a great job. Musically, this cover is a great re-interpretation of one of U2’s most beloved hits, and ought to give Slant some additional attention ahead of their EP coming out on June 21.

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