SiriusXM Remembers Taylor Hawkins: Listen to Stories, Music and Memories on Special Tribute Show with Kat Corbett & Mark Hamilton

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On Monday, the SiriusXM channel Lithium dedicated a block of hours to Taylor Hawkins, the Foo Fighters’ drummer who shockingly passed away at age 50 in his hotel room in Colombia last Friday, March 25.

Hosted by DJ Kat Corbett and Mark Hamilton, the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show was an open forum for fans, colleagues and friends of Hawkins to phone in and share memories, anecdotes and stories from their experiences with him, who by all accounts (and as seen with the outpouring of love and sadness about his passing) was everybody’s best friend, a lively soul with one of the friendliest personalities in music.

Among those who called in to the show when it aired live was Nancy Wilson of Heart, who discussed working on a song together (the track “Party at the Angel Ballroom,” which landed on Wilson’s recent solo album You and Me):

As Wilson told Rock Cellar in an interview about that album about her experience with Hawkins, the song, sadly, comes full circle in light of his own passing:

“In the case of Taylor and Duff, I had gone to Taylor’s studio in the LA area earlier and guest-starred on his album, which has a bunch of guests on it like Chrissie Hynde. His album is called Get the Money, which is an awesome rock record. I sang for him on his record and later I said, “Hey, I’m up here in Northern California now but I’m starting to make a solo album. Do you have any jams laying around, dude?” [laughs] And he said, “Yeah, me and Duff have this thing that’s just a jam.” He sent it to me and I loved the spirit, it’s really fun.

“I caught myself saying something a few days earlier about all these beautiful artists that we’ve lost in the last couple of years. It’s such a terrible loss when we lose somebody like Tom Petty, Chris Cornell, Eddie Van Halen, there must be a real party going on up there in the Angel Ballroom. That’s what I figured would be a really nice vibe for a song because of the contrast of having a fun song that addresses the idea of having lost all these angels.”

SiriusXM subscribers can listen to the whole Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show on-demand on the SiriusXM app, as well as by tuning in to repeat broadcasts this week.

Via the SiriusXM website: Additionally, catch the special again on March 29 at 9am and March 30 at 12am ET, or anytime on the SXM App by searching “Taylor Hawkins” after its debut.

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