RIP Master Illusionist Siegfried Fischbacher of Siegfried & Roy, Who Has Died at 81

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Siegfried Fischbacher, one half of the legendary illusionist duo and Las Vegas mainstay Siegfried and Roy, has passed away at the age of 81 after a fight with pancreatic cancer.

The news was announced early Thursday, with The Hollywood Reporter including a quote from his sister, Dolore, who told German news agency dpa: “I could pray with him and tell him that I will always be with him in my heart.”

Siegfried’s passing comes after that of his partner Roy Horn, who died in May 2020 at age 75 due to complications from COVID-19.

Here is a local news story from Las Vegas regarding the death of Siegfried Fischbacher:

For more than 13 years, Siegfried and Roy delighted crowds at the Mirage in Las Vegas with their boisterous live show incorporating live tigers, illusions, pyrotechnics and more. It was enough of a success to make the duo the most popular live entertainers in Vegas history, though it all came to a halt in 2003 when Horn was mauled by one of the tigers, bringing to an abrupt end their stage show.

More on Siegfried Fischbacher, from the duo’s official biography at its website:

Throughout his life, Siegfried has always approached magic from the inside out. “Even after meeting Roy,” he says, “I’ve always created and figured out my illusions for myself.” As a teenager, he loved being in plays, and even developed a stand-up comedy act. “I performed on weekends at weddings, parties, and town functions. As my routines lampooned the dry humor of my fellow Bavarians, and poked fun at some of the local characters, I soon became a minor celebrity in my town of Rosenheim.”

The master illusionist, Kalanag, was the first real magic show Siegfried ever saw, and it totally changed his perception of the art. “His show was the highlight of my childhood, and to this day, one of the most exciting events in my life. Kalanag stimulated and inspired me to become a professional magician. It wasn’t so much his illusions that thrilled me. It was his personality and the glamour of the elaborate stage sets. Magic, I realized is only fifty percent dexterity. You practice, and practice, and practice until it becomes part of you. When you are at that point, you start all over again, and interject your personality into your act.”


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