Simon Pegg & Nick Frost Recreated an Iconic ‘Shaun of the Dead’ Scene as a Coronavirus/Social Distancing PSA

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If you have a platform, use it for good. That’s what some cultural icons have been doing this week, in light of the coronavirus pandemic and the limitations and restrictions it’s placed on all of us, as we wait it out at home in quarantine, exercising proper social distance. And for English comedians/actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, who starred in the cult classic 2004 zombie horror/comedy Shaun of the Dead, this whole mess presents a special sort of opportunity.

Recreating a scene from the film in which Pegg’s Shaun tries to convince Frost’s Ed to do anything BUT head to the local pub for a drink amid a zombie outbreak, instead encouraging his pal to stay at home “and wait for this all to blow over,” the gag is pretty amusing — and timely, given the circumstances.

And the original scene — credit to Pegg for the spin-move at the start, committing fully to the recreation:

Those college kids disobeying everybody’s requests and suggestions and partying it up in Miami for Spring Break could certainly have taken Pegg’s advice, that’s for sure.

It’s another bit of solid advice from comedians — here’s one from earlier in the week, courtesy of Mel Brooks and his son:

Shaun of the Dead would make a great streaming option for those of us staying indoors and waiting for this all to blow over, so to speak. The film is currently streaming on Hulu for subscribers, and is available for rent via other streaming providers.

Whip-smart, witty and something of a cult classic, more than 15 years after its initial release, it’s a slightly twisted (but delightful) take on the whole zombie/outbreak horror/survival movie genre, and seems fitting for what we’re all dealing with at the moment.

Then, once we all make it through this current difficulty, we can all grab a pint.


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