Watch Seether’s Gritty New Music Video for ‘Bruised and Bloodied,’ from 2020’s ‘Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum’

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Back in late August, Seether released its eighth studio album, Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum, a collection of songs that finds the South African hard rock/alt-grunge band running at all cylinders, so to speak.

It’s exemplified the strongest on tracks such as “Bruised and Bloodied,” a song that finds vocalist/guitarist Shaun Morgan delivering some rather pointed lyrics:

Add meat to the body abandon your own welfare
Feel safe in the knowledge that you’ll save yourself with prayer
Disgrace everybody then bask in the afterglow
If I beat myself it seems like you just don’t care at all
It’s really fucking pitiful

On Wednesday, Seether shared a new music video for the song. Depicting the group performing in a dingy, dimly-lit performance space, it captures the song’s angsty mood effectively:

“Making the video for ‘Bruised and Bloodied’ felt surreal in many ways after the craziness that was 2020,” said Morgan of the new video. “That was the first time we had been in a room together in months and all of us felt this incredible exhilaration to be behind our instruments again. I felt like a kid again and hopefully the energy we were all sharing comes through the screen.” 

“Bruised and Bloodied” is the second single from the new album, following “Dangerous,” which held the top spot on rock radio for several weeks in the fall.

At this point in its career, Seether can do whatever it wants. That kind of freedom comes with selling millions of records and simply “existing” for as long as the band has, forming in 1999 and outliving many of its peers from the early days on its rise to the top.

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By sheer persistence (and a ton of success), Seether is pretty much a “legacy” rock band now — but one that still has something to say and something new to present to its audience. This is a quality set of hard-rock songs in 2020 from a band that knows what it’s doing, led by one of the scene’s most versatile lead vocalists.

Listen to the record below, via Spotify.

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