New from Scorpions: Stream the Title Track from New Album, ‘Rock Believer,’ Due in February

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German hard rock icons Scorpions are readying a new album, the band’s 19th, on Feb. 25, 2022 — and Rock Believer promises to be a loud, proud celebration of … well, rock & roll.

On Friday, the record’s title track was premiered, and it’s as loving an anthem to music as you’ll hear, a mission statement, of sorts, for rockers everywhere:

Said singer/lyricist Klaus Meine of the song:

“Over the years, we’ve heard people say lots of times that rock is dead. But there are still millions of rock believers out there all over the world that prove them wrong. Our fans are the best in the world. We’ll see you someday somewhere out there, because we’re Rock Believers, just like you.”

And of the Rock Believer album as a whole:

“The new material sees us return to our roots. We simply wanted to reactivate the original SCORPIONS’ DNA — great riffs, strong melodies. We tried to transport that live feel to the studio with all five of us playing in one room again at last. Having Mikkey Dee in the band is like a shot of fresh energy and real fun.”

Rock Believer, the first new Scorpions album since 2015’s Return to Forever, is up for pre-orders in a variety of formats:

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Here’s another pre-release single, “Peacemaker”:

And some official words about the Rock Believer album:

Legendary rockers Scorpions return with their new album, Rock Believer, which was created in the studio during the lockdown in their home base Hannover. “The album was written and recorded in the style of the classic Scorpions DNA with core Schenker/Meine compositions. We really went back to the essence of what defined us in the first place,” says front-man Klaus Meine. He goes on to explain how the new songs came to have such incredible, fresh energy and fervor: “We recorded the album as a band, live, in one room, like we did back in the Eighties. We can’t wait to get started and finally play for our fans again.” The sound of the new album has massive energy, delivers a real adrenaline rush and shows uncompromising quality.

The record consists of awesome tracks, each one of them a lyrical short story, minimal poems in prose, presented in a lavish sonic guise, featuring the Scorpions’ characteristic trademarks from the early 1980s, yet produced from a 2020s perspective. The wealth of inspiration from their longstanding career is an overflowing treasure chest that forges an arc between yesterday and tomorrow. Rock Believer is perhaps the group’s most characteristic album to date – a recording by a band at the pinnacle of their musical art.

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