‘Bimbocore’ Purveyor Scene Queen & Set It Off Collaborate on a Twisted New Video for “Barbie & Ken”

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“Barbie & Ken” is the title of a new song from Scene Queen, a.k.a. Hannah Collins, a singer/songwriter known for her brand of “bimbocore” music, which blends aggressive, metalcore elements with feminist themes and lyrics.

After amassing a following on social media — TikTok, in particular — Scene Queen has been releasing music throughout the year, with her debut EP coming out last April 29.

This new song is a collaboration with Set It Off, a stalwart of the Warped Tour scene which formed in 2008 and released its fifth album, Elsewhere, this year. Vocalist/front man Cody Carson plays Ken to Collins’s Barbie in the video, and … it’s all pretty twisted:

Did you notice, by the way, the video’s nod to “Barbie Girl,” the infamous 1997 pop hit from the Danish group Aqua? That video also begins with Ken driving up to meet Barbie and the two exchanging greetings — though, in the Scene Queen video, it’s Barbie taking charge (consistent with Collins’ whole aesthetic):

A statement from Scene Queen about “Barbie & Ken”: “This song is the perfect combination of the crazy chaotic hyper feminine ‘Bimbocore’ sound my music has combined with the high energy and theatrical sound of cinematics era Set It Off. I was so excited to get in a session with Cody in general but the collab that it morphed into was honestly more fun than I could’ve even hoped for.”

And Cody Carson:

“We knew as the song was coming together that this was something fun and truly special. I even got to tap into a little bit of the neurosis I let out on our previous album Cinematics. So I feel like Set It Off fans will really appreciate that.”

“Pink Bubblegum,” shared by Scene Queen from that debut EP, is another example of what the project is all about — confrontationally authentic, stylized, feminist and with so, so much pink:

The same goes for “Pink Panther”:

The premiere of “Barbie & Ken” comes as Scene Queen prepares for its first headlining tour of the U.S., coming up soon:

September 01, 2022: The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA
September 03, 2022: Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, CA
September 07, 2022: Blackbox @ Underground Arts, Philadelphia, PA
September 08, 2022: Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
September 10, 2022: Middle East – Upstairs, Boston, MA
September 15, 2022: Subterannean, Chicago, IL
September 17, 2022: Trees, Dallas, TX
September 18, 2022: Globe Hall, Denver, CO

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