More New Santana: Stream the Six-Minute ‘Yo Me Lo Merezco,’ from the New LP ‘Africa Speaks’

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Santana will release his new record, Africa Speaks, on June 7 — and the legendary guitarist recently premiered another track from the album.

Titled “Yo Me Lo Merezco,” the song features vocals from Buika, a Spanish singer who turns up throughout the songs on Africa Speaks.

“All of the songs have a coliseum essence to them,” Santana says. “Whether it’s ‘We Will Rock You’ or Start Me Up,’ there’s certain songs that do that.” Which is a perfect way of describing “Yo Me Lo Merezco,” a crushing tour de force that sees Buika in sensational stadium-quaking form. Matching the singer’s fervor is Santana himself, dispatching three spine-tingling minutes of six-string splendor.

Buika also guests on “Breaking Down the Door,” the album’s lead single:

Said Santana in a statement about Africa Speaks, which was produced by Rick Rubin:

“This is music that I hold so dearly, and it’s not a stranger to me,” he says. “The rhythms, grooves and melodies from Africa have always inspired me. It’s in my DNA. If you take your inspiration from many, it’s called research. I researched this beautiful music from the African continent. They have a frequency that’s all their own. It’s funny, because when I play in Africa, people say, ‘How do you know our music?’ And I say, ‘How can I not know what I love?’”

And more:

“This record was meant to be,” he says. “It was like a gift that came from heaven that we received and were meant to give to the masses. We validate people’s existence and touch on so many emotions – there’s humor, beauty, grace and the human existence. We look forward to touring this album over the next year.”

In addition to the new record, Santana will also take part in the festivities honoring the 50th anniversary of the original Woodstock concert as part of the bill (alongside Ringo Starr) at the Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festivalthe Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival, set for August 15-18.

And that’s just part of Santana’s lengthy upcoming tour schedule, which will run for months and visit major cities all around the world. Visit his official site for full details.

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