Watch ‘Beer Scientist’ Alex Lifeson and ‘Beer Drinker’ Geddy Lee Introduce ‘Rush Canadian Golden Ale’

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Prog-rock legends Rush have a new beer — a collaboration with Toronto-based microbrewery Henderson Brewing Company. Titled Rush Canadian Golden Ale, the beverage was officially unveiled on Wednesday with a highly amusing video featuring Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee. The beer will launch Aug. 30, primarily available in Ontario to start.

Er, that’s “Beer Scientist” Alex Lifeson and “Beer Drinker” Geddy Lee, as their nametags designate, going over the process. At one point in the video, Lee asks Lifeson, “how much beer does this factory of beer make?,” with Lifeson correcting him, “well, brewery is the proper term we use in the science community.”

As for how this Rush-themed beer came about, here’s this from the official news release:

It started during the R40 tour when, after a gig, someone handed frontman Geddy Lee a bottle of Robinson’s “Iron Maiden -Trooper” beer. Geddy took one look at it and jokingly asked where the Rush beer was. That quip stayed in the mind of the band, and recognizing the growing craft beer movement, particularly in their hometown of Toronto, the band decided to look into it seriously.

Beer has always been an import part of the touring experience for the band. That first after-show beer helping to draw a line between the focus of performing and the wind-down that follows. After hundreds of shows in so many countries around the world, the band really began to see how different beer could be.

“When I get off stage, I really, really enjoy an ice-cold beer, it’s like a little reward,” commented Geddy Lee on a recent visit to Henderson Brewery.

The band chose Henderson as they are one of the fastest growing micro-breweries in Canada and have won many gold medals for their beer. As is true with all of Rush ethos, quality is key. It didn’t hurt that the hometown brewery also had a love for the band given Henderson had previously released a “Put Your Scarf On Geddy” limited edition Canadian Imperial Stout in 2016.

In the summer of 2020 Rush and Henderson began taste testing many prototype brews and early in 2021 the band and the brewery both felt they had come up with a brew they could stand behind. Subtlety complex, refreshing and satisfying and uniquely Canadian, as the beer gets its taste from Canadian ingredients, including Rye.

“Rush Canadian Golden Ale is golden in colour with a dense ivory head. It has an earthy aroma with hints of orange-peel, pine and spicy rye. While the emphasis is on refreshment, there are elements of pine, rye spice and a citric hop flavour that add to the subtle complexity of the beer,” remarked Alex Lifeson, the band-proclaimed Beer Scientist.


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