Out Now: ‘Blues,’ a Career-Spanning Collection of Music from the Late Rory Gallagher (Listen)

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Irish guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Rory Gallagher can be best considered “underrated” — as his was a career of virtuosity, depth and musical character that was tragically cut short when he died at age 47 in 1995.

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Today, Blues, a special career-spanning collection of music championing Gallagher’s life and times was released, highlighting some of his best work in the blues/rock realm. Via its news release:

Via the news release:

Drawn from the vaults of the Gallagher estate’s tape archive, the collection presents rare and unreleased recordings of Rory playing his favorite blues material. Ranging from previously unreleased tracks to special guest sessions with legendary blues artists (Muddy Waters, Albert King) and lost radio sessions, BLUES uncovers Rory’s love of the blues throughout his solo career, from 1971 right through to 1994.

Stream Blues below, via Spotify.

And to get a fuller understanding of who Rory Gallagher was as a person, revisit Steve Rosen’s Behind the Curtain piece. A passage:

I miss him terribly. I’ve interviewed literally dozens of musicians who have passed away but Rory’s death hit me terribly hard. All I could think when I heard about his passing was the look on his face when I handed over my jacket and he held it in his arms. I knew how much it meant to him and what he could never know is how much more it meant to me. When Donal gave me the pin he said, “Rory likes you.”

I think about that a lot and as I bring this story to a close, my heart is heavy but there is a smile on my face.

I know somewhere up there in guitar heaven, Rory Gallagher is still burning through guitar licks on his ’59 Strat—and is looking most fashionable in his white Levi’s jacket.

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