Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones Would Like to See Your Painting Skills During Quarantine

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If you haven’t been paying close attention to the social media pages of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood these past few weeks, you’ve been missing out. The band may have had to postpone its huge 2020 tour on account of the coronavirus pandemic, but he’s been keeping busy.

Wood, an avid and quite gifted individual with a paintbrush, shared his latest creation to social media on Tuesday, a serene nature scene — and he’d like to see what you can do, too!

For reference, Wood unveiled some Picasso-esque renderings of his pals in the Stones last year, and it was pretty impressive stuff:

Ronnie Wood has also painted some renderings of classic Stones album art and posters, too:

As well as this, regarding the 50th anniversary of the band Faces:

Wood has also taken the time to post some messages of hope and support for those who might be unable to attend support group meetings (such as AA or NA) with a few videos, offering up words of encouragement along the way:

To those in AA & NA and other recovery support groups, who won’t be able to go to meetings during #CoronavirusLockdown, I hope these readings help you as much as they help me 🙏

Serenity & courage ❤️
To those of you in recovery, or trying to keep your head above water in these difficult times 🙏

Thank you, Ronnie!

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