Ronnie Wood & the Ronnie Wood Band Share More Songs from ‘Mr. Luck – A Tribute to Jimmy Reed: Live at the Royal Albert Hall’

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On Sept. 17, a live album will be released capturing the magic from a night at London’s Royal Albert Hall in 2013 when the Rolling Stones‘ Ronnie Wood and the Ronnie Wood Band performed a set of songs paying homage to Jimmy Reed.

The record was announced a while back, and now has two additional previews in the form of a pair of tracks that debuted in recent days.

Here’s a rendition of Jimmy Reed’s 1963 classic “Shame Shame Shame” from Wood and his ensemble, featuring Paul Weller:

That song, relatedly, was often included in early Rolling Stones set lists, as the band as a whole was also greatly influenced by Reed.

The other track shared from the live Ronnie Wood album is the instrumental “Roll and Rhumba”:

Mr. Luck – A Tribute to Jimmy Reed: Live at the Royal Albert Hall is the second in a trilogy of live albums from Wood, following 2019’s Mad Lad: A Live Tribute to Chuck Berry.

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Here’s the previously released track “Good Lover,” featuring Mick Taylor:

And “Baby What You Want Me To Do,” also featuring Mick Taylor:

“Ghost of a Man”:

“Let’s Get Together”:

Some context regarding this new live album and Ronnie Wood’s particular affinity for Jimmy Reed’s blues legacy:

When self-taught guitarist Eddie Taylor imparted his skills onto his friend Jimmy Reed, he surely couldn’t have imagined the effect this was to have on the Chicago blues scene. Backing up such luminaries as John Lee Hooker, he is best remembered for his work with his former student.

Sweet coincidence, then, that in 1974 another Taylor, Mick, would make way for Ronnie Wood in the Rolling Stones, paving the way for these two friends and celebrated guitarists to work on projects ever since. The culmination of this to date is Taylor’s place in The Ronnie Wood Band at the Royal Albert Hall for 2013’s Blues fest, where they played the now-legendary set that would come to birth to this recording.

In regard to Mr. Luck, Ronnie comments: “Jimmy Reed was one of the premier influences on the Rolling Stones and all the bands that love American blues from that era until the present day. It is my honor to have the opportunity to celebrate his life and legacy with this tribute.”

And the live album’s track listing:

1. Essence
2. Good Lover
3. Mr. Luck
4. Let’s Get Together
5. Ain’t That Loving You Baby
6. Honest I Do
7. High & Lonesome
8. Baby What You Want Me To Do
9. Roll and Rhumba
10. You Don’t Have To Go
11. Shame Shame Shame
12. I’m That Man Down There
13. Got No Where To Go
14. Big Boss Man
15. I Ain’t Got You
16. I’m Going Upside Your Head
17. Bright Lights Big City
18. Ghost of a Man

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