Rolling Stones Share Lyric Videos for Newly Remastered “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and 1968 B-Side “Child of the Moon”

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ABKCO Records has debuted two new lyric videos from the Rolling Stones — one for the iconic track “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” and the other for its original 1968 B-side, “Child of the Moon.”

Both songs were newly remastered by 12-time Grammy-winning mastering engineer Bob Ludwig, a project designed to commemorate the anniversary of the original ’68 single, which was first released on May 24 of that year as a non-album single by the Rolling Stones.

Here’s the new video for “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”:

And “Child of the Moon,” a particularly psychedelic little composition:

“Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” arguably one of the Stones‘ most notable songs, came about due to an experience Keith Richard and Mick Jagger had. As explained in our Top 11 Songs That Eventually Became Movie Titles piece:

In his autobiography Life, Keith Richards explains that the song “came from a grey dawn at Redlands,” Richards’ UK home. “Mick and I had been up all night, it was raining outside, and there was the sound of these heavy stomping rubber boots near the window, belonging to my gardener, Jack Dyer, a real country man from Sussex. It woke Mick up. He said, ‘What’s that?’ I said, ‘Oh, that’s Jack. That’s jumping Jack.’

“I started to work around the phrase on the guitar, which was in open tuning, singing the phrase ‘Jumping Jack.’ Mick said, ‘Flash,’ and suddenly we had this phrase with a great rhythm and ring to it. So we got to work on it and wrote it.”

As for the new lyric video, this explanation is included in a news release from ABKCO:

“With ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ being among the greatest Rock ‘n Roll singles of all time we knew we had to create a visual that somehow matched the swagger and excitement of the track,” stated music video directors Tom Readdy and Lucy Dawkins of London-based creative design studio Yes Please Productions. “With that guitar riff and Jagger’s exceptional searing vocal we set out to create animations that hit and emphasized every beat, guitar part and syllable sung. The simplicity of the color palette, along with rough, hand drawn elements all come together to create an energetic visual to accompany the joyful rush of adrenaline that is ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’.”

And for “Child of the Moon”:

Tom Readdy and Lucy Dawkins of Yes Please Productions explained, “Our lyric video for ‘Child Of The Moon’ is inspired by the natural landscape and elements in the promo video for the track from 1968 directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. The song was unfinished during the sessions for Their Satanic Majesties Request and often seen as the postscript to the psychedelic era of the band. We leant into this vibe to create ‘60s inspired bespoke illustrations of flowers, leaves and patterns that grow in and around the ornate typeface. This typeface incidentally featured on an original 7″ picture sleeve for ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’/‘Child Of The Moon’.”

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