Roger Waters Reinvents ‘The Gunner’s Dream’ (from ‘The Final Cut’) in New Video Shared on MLK Day

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On Monday, Roger Waters shared a new video for a performance of “The Gunner’s Dream,” a song from Pink Floyd‘s 1983 album The Final Cut (which marked his final album with the band).

His hushed reimagining of the song was very much timed to coincide with Martin Luther King Jr. day on Monday, Jan 18, as well as the political turmoil seen in the United States the past few weeks.

Said Waters with the video:

Last night I watched the 2013 documentary film
“The Man Who Saved The World”
The man’s name is Stanislav Petrov.
The year before Stanislav saved the World
In the year 1982 I wrote a song
“The Gunner’s Dream”
It’s weird to think that had Stanislav not been
In the right place at the right time
None of us would be alive
No one under the age of 37
Would have have been born at all.
It is acknowledged by all but the cretins amongst us
That nuclear arms have no value
It is also acknowledged that
They are a ticking bomb
And we ignore them at our peril
Accidents happen
The Stanislavs of this world are a rare breed.
We’ve been extraordinarily lucky.
If I ruled the world, I would heed the words of the wise
I would get rid of nuclear weapons
First thing tomorrow morning.
On Dr. King’s name day.
Of course no-one can rule the world
The world cannot be ruled
It can only be loved and respected and shared.
If we’re still here in the morning
So here is a new recording and video of
“The Gunner’s Dream”
As a gift from me and my lovely band and our friends
To you
With our love

Back in October, Waters released Us + THEM, the acclaimed live concert film documenting his 2017-2018 world tour.

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Roger Waters and his backing band shared a handful of at-home performance videos like “The Gunner’s Dream” throughout 2020, after rescheduling Waters’s This Is Not A Drill tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s the remote ensemble’s performance of Pink Floyd’s “Vera” and “Bring the Boys Back Home,” as premiered in August:


  • Paul Ballotta says:

    Once again, Roger Waters puts on his second coming of Jesus act by stepping into the shoes of a martyr on MLK day. The song “The Gunner’s Dream” was his attempt to take credit for John Lennon’s martyrdom by mimicking his song “Imagine.” Then there was that video of Waters singing “We Shall Overcome” with shots of Palestinian schoolgirls waiting in anticipation for his arrival as the messiah. What else can he do? His neihbors despise him after he dumped his wife and asked Bill Clinton to play golf with since he was a friend of Jeffrey Epstein who had all those girls.

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