Queen’s Roger Taylor: ‘The Outsider Tour Live’ Coming 9/30 on 2-CD, 2-LP (Preview)

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Last October, Roger Taylor of Queen released a new solo album titled The Outsider. The renowned drummer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and founding member of the legendary band then went out on a heralded U.K. tour in support of the album — billed in a news release as a series of ‘intimate’ shows: “my modesty tour, I just want it to be lots of fun, very good musically”, said Taylor at the time of announcing his first live performances outside of Queen in over twenty years.

On Sept. 30, a live album bringing together performances from that tour will be released, with The Outsider Tour Live being officially announced on Thursday. The collection will feature 22 tracks performed across that 14-date tour.

Shared with the news was a preview of the set in the form of “Surrender,” which you can listen to below:

Pre-orders for The Outsider Tour Live are expected in our Rock Cellar Store soon.

In the meantime, click here to pick up The Outsider studio album (on CD) and click here for the album on LP.

A bit of context about Roger Taylor’s solo tour and the motivation behind it:

While geared towards highlighting the Outsider album – which Taylor admits being written and recorded under the COVID lockdown shadow resulted in work he describes as “slightly nostalgic and wistful” – when Taylor toured the album across the UK the emphasis was on sheer escapist pleasure.

“I just want everybody to enjoy it, get away from the depressing time we’d been having.” While for some time, as his new songs suggested, we’d all just been trying to get by, Taylor’s Outsider show delivered a roar of release and blasts of euphoric exuberance.

With a smartly gauged set list blending the new material with irresistible Queen classics and a glorious revisiting of his six-album strong solo catalog, Taylor’s gigs proved a masterclass in how to thrill an audience by finding the sweet spot which marries the shock of the new and the hysteria of rock’s history.

The personnel involved:

Roger Taylor
Spike Edney
Tina Keys
Tyler Warren
Neil Fairclough
Christian Mendoza

And the track listing:

1. Strange Frontier – Live from London ,2021
2. Tenement Funster – Live from London, 2021
3. We’re All Just Trying To Get By – Live from Plymouth, 2021
4. A Nation Of Haircuts – Live from Guilford, 2021
5. These Are The Days Of Our Lives – Live from Norwich, 2021
6. Up – Live from Bournemouth, 2021

1. Gangsters Are Running This World – Live from Plymouth, 202
2. Absolutely Anything – Live from Norwich, 2021
3. Surrender – Live from Bournemouth, 2021
4. Man On Fire – Live from London, 2021
5. Rock It (Prime Jive) – Live from London, 2021

LP 2

1. Under Pressure – Live from London, 2021
2. Say It’s Not True – Live from Bexhill, 2021
3. I’m In Love With My Car – Live from Guilford, 2021
4. Outsider – Live from Plymouth, 2021
5. More Kicks – Live from Guilford, 2021
6. Foreign Sand – Live from Plymouth, 2021

1. Tutti Frutti – Live from London, 2021
2. A Kind Of Magic – Live from London, 2021
3. Rock ‘n’ Roll – Live from Newcastle, 2021
4. Heroes – Live from Coventry, 2021
5. Radio Ga Ga – Live from Guilford, 2021

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