Roger Daltrey on COVID-19 Restrictions: ‘We Can’t Wrap Ourselves in Cotton Wool’

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Anyone who knows anything about Roger Daltrey is most likely aware that the iconic vocalist of The Who doesn’t mince his words — and he remains as fiery as ever now, even in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In a new  interview with the U.K.’s Express, Daltrey was asked about his personal stance regarding stay-at-home orders, quarantine and social distancing from the perspective of somebody in the higher risk category at age 76, and he offered this up as a reply:

“I live in the countryside so it’s a lot easier, I cannot imagine what it must be like stuck in London in a flat with a couple of kids.

“I’m not moaning about anything but equally as a 76-year-old, I’m not going to be told by anybody to stay in.”

“Go f*** yourselves. We can’t wrap ourselves in cotton wool,” he added.

Daltrey also weighed in on the state of live music in the pandemic era — specifically, the sudden lack of work for the crew members and professionals that help concerts take place:

“I do feel sorry for young musicians, and you know also, orchestral musicians, these people that have studied for years and years and years to play in orchestras.

“They’re all out of work – the road crews, the truck drivers, the lighting people, the whole industry is sitting on its fingers, it’s horrendous.”

Earlier this week the U.S. saw its first “pandemic concert” from country/blues musician Travis McCready, conducted at a venue in Arkansas with strict rules in place — and it remains to be seen whether this will become the “norm” for the time being.

As for Daltrey, charged comments like those above are indicative of his refusal to sugarcoat what he says in interviews. Take this quote from our recent conversation with him regarding the Who’s latest album, WHO:

“We’re all hypocrites. I mean, we’ve got this general election going on over here at the moment and everyone is saying our current prime minister is a liar.

We’ve all told lies at some time in our life. We’re all liars. We are human. (laughs) It’s true. 

The Who were a bunch of shits in the early days and made lots of mistakes, but we did get lucky and it did trigger our breaks. But hopefully now we don’t stay stupid forever.”

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