Rod Stewart Shares Exuberant, Feel-Good Music Video for “I Can’t Imagine,” New LP ‘The Tears of Hercules’ Out 11/12

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Next Friday, Nov. 12, the legendary Rod Stewart will add to his iconic catalog of music with The Tears of Hercules, a new studio album featuring 12 new songs, nine of them penned by Stewart. It’ll be his 31st studio album and the fourth with original material since 2013, as he’s kept pretty busy in recent years.

On Friday, Stewart debuted a music video for a song called “I Can’t Imagine,” and both the song and clip are especially high-energy and upbeat in tone, Stewart crooning about how “I can’t imagine waking with anybody else but you,” while an assortment of his musical colleagues and backup singers dance around in a house. It’s all quite pleasant:

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Click here to pre-order The Tears of Hercules on LP from our Rock Cellar Store

The track follows the earlier debut of “One More Time,” which also found Sir Rod at his most energetic, drawing a crowd walking through the streets of London (flanked again by those same background singers):

Another shared ahead of the record release was “Hold On”:

As for some context regarding how the album came about, there’s this from a news release:

Stewart once again worked with Kevin Savigar, the keyboardist-songwriter-composer who has co-produced Stewart’s last three studio albums: Time (2013), Another Country (2015), and Blood Red Roses (2018). Their long-running collaboration began in 1978 when Stewart invited Savigar to join his studio and touring band. In addition to “One More Time,” they also co-wrote the standout tracks “Hold On” and “All My Days.” Stewart co-wrote “Born To Boogie (A Tribute To Mark Bolan)” with Emerson Swinford, the guitarist in his band. Stewart, Savigar, and Swinford share songwriting credit on “I Can’t Imagine.”

Stewart has always had a gift for making any song sound like it was written just for him. That’s certainly true of the album’s title track, a powerful ballad written by Marc Jordan. Through the years, Stewart has recorded other songs written by Jordan, including “Rhythm Of My Heart” (#5 U.S./#3 U.K.) from Vagabond Heart and “This” from his gold-certified album, A Spanner in the Works. Additional covers include Stewart’s joyful take on Soul Brother Six’s “Some Kind Of Wonderful,” and his stirring rendition of Johnny Cash’s “These Are My People.”

1. “One More Time”
2. “Gabriella”
3. “All My Days”
4. “Some Kind Of Wonderful”
5. “Born To Boogie (A Tribute To Mark Bolan)”
6. “Kookooaramabama”
7. “I Can’t Imagine”
8. “The Tears Of Hercules”
9. “Hold On”
10. “Precious Memories”
11. “These Are My People”
12. “Touchline”

There are a slew of 2022 tour dates, including 19 shows in the United States (separate from the Vegas gigs) on Stewart’s schedule as well. Full details can be found at this link.

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