Ringo Starr Promises ‘A Big Surprise’ on the Beatles’ YouTube Page on 4/25 (Update: It’s a ‘Yellow Submarine’ Sing-A-Long Party on YouTube)

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If you find yourself on the internet this coming Saturday morning (April 25), you might want to tune in to the official Beatles channel on YouTube. We’re not sure why, exactly, but Ringo Starr said something intriguing (and about a billion colorful emojis) in an Instagram post on Tuesday:

Peace and love I am just giving you all a heads up if you tune in to the Beatles YouTube channel on Saturday the 25th at 9 AM Pacific 12 noon Eastern you are in for a big surprise and fun and peace and love 😎✌️🌟❤️🎵🎶🥦🐘👏🍎☮️


Turns out, this is all regarding a “Sing-A-Long Watch Party” for “Yellow Submarine,” which was officially detailed on Wednesday:


Also on April 25, be sure to tune in to All Together Now!, an all-star streaming concert benefiting the city of Los Angeles in its fight against COVID-19. More details below:

‘All Together Now!,’ an All-Star Concert Event Benefiting the L.A. Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund — Saturday 4/25

Recently, the Beatles’ social media channels have focused attention on the #InnerLight2020 Challenge, an initiative launched by George Harrison‘s Material World Foundation in an effort to raise money to help those affected by COVID-19.

George Harrison’s Material World Foundation #InnerLight Challenge Raising Funds for Those Affected by COVID-19

One of the most notable things the Beatles YouTube page has done in recent memory was premiering a slick, animated video for the 2019 mix of “Here Comes the Sun”:

That interactive visual trip through the Abbey Road Studios was part of the rollout of last fall’s Abbey Road 50th anniversary set, which was a treasure trove of material for dedicated fans of all things Beatles.

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