Rick Springfield Has Been Trying to Do a ‘Jessie’s Girl’ How-To Video for Weeks, Failing in Hilarious Fashion Every Time

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“Jessie’s Girl.” It’s a classic, a calling card of Rick Springfield and his enduring career of rock/pop hits — so what better song to try and teach the masses during the coronavirus pandemic?

Springfield has attempted just that over the course of the past few weeks. Instructional how-to videos are popping up everywhere — just this week, Robby Krieger of the Doors began a series of his own, teaching fans how to play songs like “Roadhouse Blues,” for example.

Over the span of a few weeks, however, Springfield’s seemingly simple, straightforward task has proved anything but easy. It’s actually devolved into a series of disasters, pratfalls involving poorly tuned instruments, accidental arson and natural disasters.

The first attempt went awry when Springfield was unable to tune his strings properly:


The second attempt was marred with technical difficulties and a broken string:


By the time the third try rolled around, all seemed well and good … until Springfield’s lyric sheet burst into flames:


“Jessie’s Girl” Tutorial No. 4 ended abruptly after Rick Springfield ran out of time — and there were more pratfalls, of course;


Take 5: Our obsessive reliance on technology will be our undoing, and this is proof:


But it’s OK. He regrouped and tried again a few days later … but a mishap at the BBQ the day before made this one a wash, too:


He recovered from his injuries and gave it another shot on Tuesday. This one was going fine … until it wasn’t. Some things are just out of our control!


Rather obviously, this has all been a running gag from Springfield, a way to keep everybody entertained during this weird time, one hilarious miscue after the other plaguing this attempted how-to series.

His Instagram feed has been a bountiful source of content the past few weeks beyond this “Jessie’s Girl” gag, as he’s posted tributes to the likes of Bill Withers:

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My tribute to the superbly soulful Bill Withers

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And even parodied his own song “Human Touch” for the COVID-19 era, titled “No Human Touch”:


So yeah, give Rick Springfield a follow on Instagram for some solid entertainment if you haven’t yet. And you never know … maybe this sought-after “Jessie’s Girl” tutorial will happen at some point after all!

And in the meantime, also be sure to watch our exclusive RockCellarTV one-on-one interview with him from 2018:


  • Teresa Krebs says:

    I’m a diehard Rick Springfield fan and love you did this article! Not only can theeee man put on an amazing rock concert, he can sing, act, and now has hilarious comedy chops! I’m currently listening to his Venus in Overdrive and Rocket Science albums for the 100th time! Rick is #1!

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