Rick Astley Covered the Foo Fighters’ ‘Everlong,’ ‘A Song to Lift Your Spirits and Put You in Another Place’

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What songs make you truly feel something? For fans of the Foo Fighters, an easy pick is “Everlong,” one of the band’s biggest singles, originally featured on the 1997 album The Colour and the Shape (which just celebrated its 23rd anniversary). Rick Astley — yes, him — also considers the song special, as he proved this week with a new cover.

The clip, uploaded by Astley to YouTube, opens with the singer saying, “Sometimes you just have to find a song that’s going to lift your spirits and put you in another place,” before launching into a pretty solid acoustic cover:

If you’re sitting there confused by what you just saw, it’s understandable. In what world would the Foo Fighters and Rick Astley cross over?

Well, they’re actually friends now, which makes sense given the fact that Dave Grohl seems to be friends with everyone. Back in 2017, Astley popped up on stage at London’s O2 Arena for a cameo and “Never Gonna Give You Up”:


He then reappeared at the Foo Fighters’ Cal Jam festival in Southern California for an encore:


Such is the magnetism of the Foo Fighters, their rock and roll tractor beam all but inescapable by anyone it targets in its sights.

Also impenetrable? The continued longevity of “Never Gonna Give You Up” as an undying internet meme.

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