Tonight 8/27: Watch a Fundraising Live Stream Concert from Richie Furay from His House, Benefiting NIVA, The Guitar Center Foundation and More

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On Thursday, Aug. 27, Richie Furay — noted singer/songwriter known for his timeless contributions with Buffalo Springfield, Poco and a number of different musical projects — will host a special live stream concert event from his property in Boulder, Col.

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The show promises to feature songs from throughout Furay’s career, as well as special guest musical friends and colleagues that are sure to make it an even more special affair.

Full details, per the Richie Furay website:

All ticket purchases support several music related organizations, including NIVA (National Independent Venue Association), The Guitar Center Foundation, The Wild Honey Orchestra Foundation, SOPAC(South Orange, Performing Arts Center), the Richie Furay documentary film that is currently in production (THROUGH IT ALL – THE LIFE AND INFLUENCE OF RICHIE FURAY), and others will receive the proceeds from this concert event.

Experience your front row seat from the comfort of your living room. Watch on your TV by screen mirroring or via airplay, computer, phone, or tablet. “For What It’s Worth”, Richie & friends will be performing songs on his back porch from throughout his career with special guests. Do not miss this one-time only concert event. It will not be on demand or viewable any other time than the original streaming broadcast. There is definitely “something happening here”. Limited availability.

One hour before the show starts, have an opportunity to join the virtual VIP meet & greet. You can purchase a ticket just to view the Meet & greet, or you can submit a question or comment in advance with the opportunity for Richie to answer and address your question/comment. Limited availability.

Tickets for the stream are $15, with the limited VIP Meet & Greet package starting at $50 — click here for more, and note: It will not be on demand or viewable any other time than the original streaming broadcast.

For more on Richie Furay and his influential career, revisit our 2015 interview by clicking here. A preview:

“I listen to a lot of the music today and I don’t get it and I don’t understand it but that generation does understand it and they do get it.

“To me, I look at it and think music’s never gonna have an impact like the mid ‘60s and early ‘70s had on me. It just seemed to be an era when music was really, wow! Everything from the Rascals in New York to the Beach Boys and the Turtles in L.A. to the Springfield. I don’t know that it’ll ever have an impact like that again.”


  • Tony Durkin says:

    I’d love to watch that but I’m the UK and wirki g the following day. No chance of a catch-up later to avoid a 2am start?

  • Sherran says:

    I am in the same situation as Tony – I work during the day, which is when we’d be able to watch it in Australia. Therefore, no opportunity as it’s not available at any other time.

  • Debbie says:

    Will Timothy be joining you?

  • Brian says:

    I was a really big fan of Richie’s till I started following his Facebook page in 2016. After the second or third time he shared posts with easily-debunked “critiques” of Hillary Clinton, I realized that this guy was not right, not interested in truth, but rather more in being a proponent of propaganda for “his side.”
    Sorry. Hard pass on supporting this guy.

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