Richard Marx Previews New Album with “Shame On You” — ft. Taylor Hawkins in One of His Last Recordings (Listen)

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On Sept. 30, singer/songwriter/pop singer Richard Marx (known for “Don’t Mean Nothing,” “Right Here Waiting” and more hits from the 1980s-90s) will release a new album titled, simply, Songwriter. Marx’s debut album on new label home Shelter Records, it’s a collection of songs spanning multiple genres and featuring a number of guests. Among them is the late Taylor Hawkins, per UCR.

Figured to be one of the final recordings the beloved Foo Fighters drummer participated in prior to his tragic death on March 25 at age 50, the track was co-written by Marx’s son, Jesse Marx, and was shared on Friday to preview the record:

Marx discussed his kinship with Taylor in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock about the Songwriter record. Via that chat:

Yeah, he was just so sweet – and I was a huge fan, a major fan. I mean, I love the Foo Fighters and I love Dave, but I was a huge, huge Taylor fan. He made some comment, “We’ve got to work together on something sometime.” I was like, “Yeah? Okay, great.” Then, we would just run into each other here and there. I moved into a gated community last year where he lives, so we started talking more. Jesse and I had written that song and he’s really good at drum programming, so he programmed a really great performance, but I said: “This needs a real player. You know what? Fuck it, I’m going to ask Taylor. The worst he can say is no.”

I said to him, “I’m going to ask you to play, but you have to promise me that if you don’t love the song or if you’re not into it, don’t do it as a favor to me. Like, we’re good – but only if you really dig the song.” He said, “Dude, I fuckin’ love the song! It’s so great!” He goes, “We’ll just do it over at my house!” But he said, “You’ve got to bring Jesse. Jesse’s got to be here too.” Jesse and I went and spent the afternoon over there and you know, he did it in three takes or something like that.

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As for the Songwriter album, it is broken up into four distinct sections. The track listing:


  1. Same Heartbreak Different Day (Richard Marx/Lucas Marx, Michael Jade)
  2. Believe In Me (Richard Marx/Lucas Marx)
  3. Anything (Richard Marx/Bruce Weigner)
  4. Moscow Calling (Richard Marx)
  5. Only A Memory (Richard Marx/Adam Messinger)


  1. Shame On You (Richard Marx/Jesse Marx)
  2. Just Go (Richard Marx)
  3. My Love, My Enemy (Richard Marx/Matt Scannell)
  4. One More Yesterday (Richard Marx/Chris Daughtry/Jason Wade)
  5. We Are Not Alone (Ricard Marx/Jesse Marx)


  1. Everything I’ve Got (Richard Marx)
  2. One Day Longer (Richard Marx/Keith Urban)
  3. Breaking My Heart (Richard Marx/Darius Rucker/David Hodges)
  4. Misery Loves Company (Richard Marx/Lucas Marx/Bruce Weigner)
  5. We Had It All (Richard Marx/Randy Hauser/Brice Long)


  1. Always (Richard Marx/Burt Bacharach)
  2. Still In My Heart (Richard Marx/Richard Page)
  3. As If We’ll Never Love Again (Richard Marx/Gary Burr)
  4. Never After (Richard Marx/Topher Brown)
  5. Maybe (Richard Marx)

The premiere of “Shame On You” comes on the eve of the Foo Fighters’ highly anticipated concert event paying tribute to Hawkins’ memory. Scheduled for this Saturday, Sept. 3 at Wembley Stadium in London, the show will be an emotional experience featuring a number of big-name special guests contributing their talents.

The gig will stream live worldwide, so be sure to tune in to watch what’s sure to be a moving, if emotionally heavy, show.

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