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The NAMM Show works as a connection point, a meetup opportunity for the biggest names from all over the globe to come together to strike deals and spark conversation. This past weekend’s NAMM Show, the first in Anaheim, Calif., since January of 2020 (just shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic upended everything) was a bit of a scaled-down effort, but the vibes were very strong nonetheless.

A returning exhibitor, (“the largest online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling new, used, and vintage musical instruments and gear”) had a booth stationed in Hall B of the Anaheim Convention Center, and Rock Cellar paid a visit on Sunday morning for a chat with company rep Andrew Gretchko. Arguably one of the most perfectly suited to exhibit at NAMM, enjoyed a busy weekend at the show, as he explains below …

Reverb: It’s been nice for us to interact with both consumers and brands here at the NAMM Show, because we do sit on both sides. So we’re able to talk to pretty much everybody that’s a Reverb user, which seems like almost everyone here. And it’s been rave reviews, which is awesome, So many compliments. But one of the things that I’ve been telling people is that we had the best quarter that we’ve ever had in Q1. A lot of people I think, kind of similar with NAMM scaling down, were thinking, “All right, we have this big boom over the last two years that we were all locked down with our stimulus checks. Now that that’s done, the people that bought guitars during the downtime, are they gonna throw them in their attic?”

And we’re not seeing that slowdown at all. We had our best quarter ever. Clearly, people are still playing, and we’re seeing people that are selling gear to buy new gear, right? So used gear right now is definitely a bit of a premium just because of demand. If you have three guitars and you’re only using one of them, you can offload two in order to get that dream rig. So that’s definitely been, for us, something that we’ve seen a little bit more.

Rock Cellar: Reverb I know has a lot of arrangements, like, “This band is selling a lot of their old gear,” but it’s not just for that. It’s for the regular musician to offload some gear, right?

Reverb: We have artists’ shops, so like Billy Corgan, for example, will sell some of his gear that he no longer needs or just wants to give to a new home. A cool sidebar about that, it’s going to someone who actually wants to play it. It’s not going up on a wall. It’s not a collector’s item, right? But yeah, Reverb has used gear, so if you’re just a player or a musician, you want to get some gear, it’s a great place to start. You can experiment, especially because use gear holds its value. So you want to try one thing out, you don’t like it, you can move on to something else. Pretty easy to do. There’s artists, but then you have that that mid-level, too. You have dealers, you have brands. We have mom and pops all over the country, all over the world, really, people in the UK, people throughout Europe, so it’s nice to interact with everybody. The full spectrum of the industry is on Reverb.

Rock Cellar: How has it been for Reverb to be back at the NAMM Show for the first time since 2020?

Reverb: It feels great. I mean, for me, it’s my first time personally, but for Reverb think everybody here was just excited to get back to a little bit of normalcy. And we’re scaled down a little bit, but the booth certainly doesn’t feel like that. It’s just been busy nonstop. It’s been nice to talk to people to come up and whether they’re buyers or sellers or random people coming up and saying they love Reverb, it’s awesome. A lot of fist bumps and high fives, you know, it’s been great to see.

Rock Cellar: In the past, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick has been here with Reverb at NAMM. And you have a lot of the famous musician celebrity link-ups. How do those come about, largely word of mouth or through official business channels?

Reverb: A little bit of both, really. We have a team in-house that handles artists relations, speaking to different artists. One of the great things about working here is everybody’s a musician. It just seems like everybody kind of knows everybody.

Rock Cellar: It is a different vibe here at NAMM this year, for sure. Like we mentioned before, it’s smaller, scaled down a bit, but it seems like the enthusiasm is still there even though a lot of big companies aren’t here and it’s taking up only about half as much space as it did before.

Reverb: I’ve seen so much foot traffic, everywhere you look. I know Sunday can be a little bit quieter, that’s par for the course, but yesterday, Friday it was just nonstop, people coming in our booth. It’s been good to see people out and about and and getting back to it.

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