With Two No. 1 Albums in 2022, Red Hot Chili Peppers Do Something Not Seen in Rock Music Since 2005

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For the first time in 17 years, a rock band has released two No. 1 studio albums in the same year. This time, it’s the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who scored another career milestone thanks to the April release of Unlimited Love and its follow-up, the relentlessly funky Return of the Dream Canteen, which was released on Oct. 14.

Dream Canteen topped the Billboard Top Album Sales Chart, following in the footsteps of Unlimited Love back in April, as well as reaching the top spot in “numerous” countries around the world.

In pulling off this chart feat, the Chili Peppers join System of a Down, which also scored two No. 1 albums in 2005 with Mezmerize and Hypnotize — to date, that band’s final studio albums of new material.

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The Chili Peppers — singer Anthony Kiedis, bassist Flea, drummer Chad Smith and guitarist John Frusciante — are clearly riding a high of creativity, Frusciante’s return to the fold after a lengthy time away from the band paying off with some of their most inspired music in a while.

Unlimited Love marked the first RHCP record with Frusciante since 2006’s Stadium Arcadium, and the album sessions between the band and producer Rick Rubin yielded so much material the group was able to splinter it off into two separate 17-song records — without missing a beat.

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Return of the Dream Canteen, on its own, is a slightly more experimental-leaning effort, drifting a bit more into “psychedelic” territory while retaining that classic Chili Peppers funk sound.

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A bit more, from our album review:

A few songs, like the offbeat “My Cigarette” and the piano-led “La La La La La La” do have a bit of a “B-side” feel to them, but again, excess isn’t anything new for the Chili Peppers. Their albums with Frusciante have always tended to stretch on for quite a while — remember, Stadium Arcadium was a 28-song exercise — and they have a particularly robust collection of unreleased album session tracks in their repertoire.

But the return of Frusciante clearly brought with it a re-energized creative burst that led to this bounty of new material in the studio, and the rewards are plentiful for dedicated fans. With no disrespect intended to Josh Klinghoffer, who served admirably in Frusciante’s absence for a few studio albums and tours, Frusciante’s vocal harmonies were missed during his time away from the band. The comforting squeal of his unmistakable guitar leads are an undercurrent that make Return of the Dream Canteen a strong overall listen that stands up well with Unlimited Love — as well as the Chilis’ extensive back catalog.

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