Queen Continues ‘The Greatest’ YouTube Series with ‘Queen: 1975 A Night At The Opera – Make or Break’

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Queen — The Greatest is an ongoing archival YouTube series commemorating the band’s 50th anniversary, and Queen — the Greatest promises a number of incredible trips through memory lane, so to speak, heralding the English rock group‘s singular career and legacy.

The latest installment premiered on Friday, and Queen: 1975 A Night at the Opera — Make or Break documents precisely that: A hugely important moment in the group’s career, resulting in 1975’s A Night at the Opera and its impact on what came after.

Via a news release:

Widely regarded as Queen’s seminal album, Queen’s perilous financial situation at the time made this an incredibly risky leap of faith, creating a genuine make or break moment for the band.

The album is, without doubt, Queen at their absolute finest as musicians, composers and producers – harnessing an incredible array of musical styles. The fact it was created when the band were on the brink of financial ruin, and was, at the time, the UK’s most expensive album ever produced – brings into sharp focus what a huge risk they were taking.

Roger recalls this as a “make or break moment” for the band. The band were so in debt they feared that it might have been unable to continue if the album did not perform well.

Brian explains: “It was an expensive album, enormous complexity on there. Even looking at it now I wonder how we did some of that stuff.”


As for the previous installments in the Queen — The Greatest series, here’s a handy YouTube playlist so you can catch up on what you’ve missed thus far.

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