Queen Continues ‘The Greatest’ YouTube Series with a Look at Brian May’s Hit Songs

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The latest episodes of Queen: The Greatest, the English band‘s YouTube series exploring its vaunted history, focuses on five key songs contributed by guitarist Brian May, songs that helped pave the way for the group’s extended success and legacy. This episode happens to land as May is enjoying the reception of the reissue of his 1992 solo debut Back to the Light, as well as increased attention stemming from an interview with the Independent.

Per a news release, a breakdown of the songs included in the clip:

This episode focusing on five Queen hits written by Brian gets underway in 1977, with one of the most recognizable songs in rock history ever – it can only be of course, the enduring stomp, stomp sports staple classic “We Will Rock You.” 

The following year saw the release of another live favorite, “Fat Bottomed Girls.”

Then in 1980, for the band’s worldwide smash hit album, The Game, Brian contributed the stunningly beautiful, “Save Me.”

By the mid eighties, Queen were regularly playing to massive crowds, thanks to having songs that could take the roof off any stadium –including a highlight from The Works album – “Hammer To Fall.”

And then in 1989, after a three-year wait for a single release, Queen roared back up the UK charts with the mighty “I Want It All.”

Here’s the show:

As for the previous installments in the The Greatest series, here’s a handy YouTube playlist so you can catch up on what you’ve missed thus far.

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