Brian May and Queen Playing in the Pouring Rain is a Perfect Example of ‘The Show Must Go On’

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Brian May has had an eventful week. The iconic Queen guitarist made headlines earlier this week after a tense run-in with an overzealous photographer in Australia as May, Adam Lambert and the rest of the band arrived in Australia for some gigs.

The experience prompted this Instagram post from May after the fact:

And then, once it was time to actually take the stage in Brisbane and play a concert, the weather didn’t cooperate. It was POURING rain. But despite the setback, which could have prompted some shows to be postponed or canceled, Queen took the stage and delivered.

It was messy, it was wet, but it was also pretty epic. Brian May shared this to Instagram on Thursday morning, looking back on the evening:

And May’s comments on the weather situation:

What did I say about rain ? Jeeez. … probably the wettest gig we ever played. All the weather forecasts – even on the day – we’re completely, utterly wrong … it changes everything, of course, and just plain endurance becomes a big part of the evening. But somehow the sharing of this insane occasion breeds a strong feeling of brother and sisterhood ! And adding in a strong sense of humour the night became very special. Thanks folks – in all that torrential rain I don’t think one person relinquished their post !! Yeeeeeow !!! Bri (video : Pete !)

Kudos to the band, crew — and thousands of Queen fans, braving the elements to take in a sold-out stadium gig in miserable conditions — as, after all, the show must go on!

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