This Unsettling New Puscifer Video for ‘Apocalyptical’ from Tool’s Maynard James Keenan Sums Up the Anxiety of the COVID-19 Era

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Leave it to Maynard James Keenan to release the perfect music video for these unsettling times. The irreverent lead vocalist of Tool premiered a new song on Friday with his other project, Puscifer, and “Apocalyptical” depicts an eerily empty Los Angeles caught up in the coronavirus pandemic.

Scenes of empty parking lots and deserted beaches are part of the scenes depicted in the video, as is Keenan in a suit with his hair slicked back and *very* red lipstick accentuating every hushed lyric of the song.

There’s also a guy in an orange hazmat suit skateboarding and motorcycling around the city in search of … toilet paper. This whole thing very much captures the tone of the COVID-19 era.

The song’s lyrics are also quite topical:

Concrete conclusions be damned
They won’t believe you until it’s far too late

Go on, moron, Ignore the evidence.
Skid in to Armageddon
Tango Apocalyptical

Jog on, Head down. Ignore the evidence.
Trippin over Armageddon
Moon Walkin Apocalyptical

Dumb dumb be damned

There’s also this statement from Keenan accompanying the new song/video:

“Manipulated information disseminated by kings, queens, dictators, so called leaders, supposed professionals or outliers and conspiracy theorists living underground, or in basements, is not new or unique to this generation. Misdirection is Power Struggles’ conjoined twin but the speed at which it now travels in this digital age is dangerous and destructive on many levels. This rapid distribution of poison and its immediate impact will be the hallmark of our generation. Even In light of all this, and all the noise the digital landscape generates, all I keep asking myself is ‘what is it with the whole hoarding toilet paper thing?’”

Said vocalist Carina Round, who also appears in the video:

“’Apocalyptical’ was one of the very first musical ideas for the new record that we put our voices on out in Arizona in late 2019. It was simultaneously very fresh and also felt like we had never been apart.”

“Apocalyptical” is the first bit of new music from Puscifer in five years, and previews a new album to come in Fall 2020. Keenan has been pretty busy the past year or so with his main gig, Tool, as the prog-metal band (finally) released Fear Inoculum, its first new record since 2006 back in late August.

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